To heal, you have to forgive.

If you’re bound with old thoughts about people who you haven’t let go because they have hurt you, you will have difficulty healing. Body parts, all functions well. Pain seems to hang on. And you ask the patient, “Have they forgiven everything?” And they will say, “Yes, except.” And they will recall the exact incident, sometimes many years ago, where they have been hurt.

So once they deal with the situation, then they can start to function again on a normal basis. But they must let this go.

Some people with chronic issues of pain and discomfort, and were not willing to let go of issues, in married life, sports, that prevent them to function at a higher level.

Then they would function without pain, without discomfort.

So when you muscle test a person who has a lot of weakness, and you ask them to put their hand on their forehead, where the emotional center is, they’ll change from weakness to strength.

And they’ll have a hard time believing that, but they see it happen.

The emotional center is right below the hairline, at the cortex of the brain which controls this, and will control your strength.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018
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Thursday, April 19, 2018
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