Our Story

Once upon a time, someone had a dream with a burning fire to fulfill it, which became a quest.

In ages past the dream could have been to find the Holy Grail or the Fountain of Youth.

These are the things of legend and myth, so grand the dream.

Bruce’s Dream

For Bruce, the dream was to see what you cannot see, and hear what you cannot hear – it was to experience the world of spirit and energy, firsthand, and share this with others who wanted to do the same. It started simple, but it grew very strong.

He looked for a community to join, but could not find any, so he started a small community which met in his home.

Through the people who came to his home, he met other people who told him about other communities. But each meeting would end, yet the fire to share would not - to tell what he was experiencing, and hear what they were experiencing.

And he saw the fire burned in them too.

People were changing, the consciousness of the planet was changing, everything was changing all around them. Many were oblivious to any change at all, but we, who were in the community, were very aware. We wanted a happier daily life, a sense of fulfillment, a feeling that we were getting better and better.

He wondered, “How can I be part of this great change?” And his friends wondered too, “How can we live in the new energy of these new times?”

It had to start from the inside, one person at a time, learning and more importantly practicing, energy wisdom and principles in their daily lives.

The community did not need a leader, but rather a place, or better, a way to share their experiences. Sure, there are other communities and groups of people practicing higher consciousness, but could we make the next generation way to share, so that it feels alive, fresh, always available, quick and easy?

Eventually, the fire to extend the community of like-minded people brought him to Cindy and to working with Cindy.

Yet even working with Cindy, the burning for even a larger community, or perhaps a more easily available community, would not go away. He wanted to talk about energy experiences in daily life all of the time, with other people who were shaping their lives daily to be more positive, and in this way, their own way, raise the consciousness of earth.

Cindy’s Dream

For Cindy, the dream was to shine her God-centered daily life into the world. She happily shares her experiences with others, to bring deeper meaning to their daily lives. Cindy founded a non-profit organization, hosting all manner of uplifting programs. And when tragic sorrow appeared in Newtown, she brought hope and sympathy. She offers messages she hears from Spirit, and shows other people how to hear for themselves, how to nurture their intuition, and how to tap into their inner wisdom. The fire burned in Cindy to be His channel of peace, compassion, and wisdom for others.

Richard’s Dream

For Richard, the dream was to make life better for others in the community. Richard volunteers his time and technical talents for the Red Cross, and uplifting programs for community television. The fire burns in Richard to bridge the stream with technical know-how so others may cross and have an easier journey.

John’s Dream

For John, the dream was to take someone into an imaginary place as if it were real. His story-telling and imagery reach back into early childhood, into actual experiences, like summoning animals. His stories see and honor Spirit in the everyday. The fire burns in John to share the reality he knows is really there.

The Dreams Come Together

Our dreams, the fire that burned in us, were all variations of a larger dream – to uplift daily life on earth. These dreams had been going on and growing and developing for a very long time for each of us. And now, the individual trees were about to make a great forest.

How It Happened

Cindy and Bruce were offering a monthly group called High Powered Healing where individuals could share their positive, emotional experiences, and ask for guidance for their situations. These experiences were often amazing and even miraculous. Everyone in the group was sharing personal stories which included: miracles, energy work, affirmations, what they were learning, what they were trying, what worked and what didn’t work in their lives.

Both Cindy and Bruce, independently, had a long history of running such groups, publishing books about “talking to Spirit”, and living the life they were talking about.

They were very aware that the people who came to these groups were very appreciative to be around people with whom they could openly talk. They were often reluctant to talk to others about these matters. Further, these people had profound stories of their own that they wanted to share. Each was an avid student and teacher too, wanting to know more about this reality of energy, mind, and miracles.

The Greater Dream Appears

Cindy and Bruce wanted to expand this community of people who want to share their stories. So they sat down together and started brain-storming what to do.

Cindy received a message from Spirit that told her that she and Bruce would work well together, and that Bruce would have an idea that would allow individuals to share their stories to however big an audience that we wanted.

Bruce started receiving inspiration and ideas from Spirit. Namely, instead of webinars or meetings, suppose we offered a community for people to share their spiritual experiences 24 by 7 worldwide, as if there were a meeting that was available to everyone all the time.

People could record their experiences in their own voice with their own emotion, as if they really were sitting down having a friend to friend conversation with someone else, or within a group which deeply appreciated these kinds of talks. And the recordings would be short, just a few minutes, so people could easily find time to listen.

We needed a place to store these recordings, and an easy way to hear them.

Cindy contacted one of her friends, Richard, who is an expert in technology. Richard liked the idea and agreed to work with us. He designed and built the Heart Speak website.

At first, we were going to use video. However, it became clear that it was much simpler to use audio, and better to listen to and focus on the experience, with less distraction from having to look at a smartphone or computer screen.

Bruce would ask for guidance and receive answers. For example, when he asked, “What is the best name for these recordings?” he received the answer that they should be called GEMs, and that this should mean Great Energy Moments.

We were being guided by the higher power that we each believed was actually the basis of our reality. We were in tune with and creating with this higher power.

Bruce recorded the first GEM, “Healing Energy Meditation”.

We met to record a few more GEMs. One of Cindy’s friends, John, synchronistically happened to be there. When he saw what we were doing, he joined us.

On that day, Cindy recorded “Invisible Helpers” and “I Am Always Receiving.” John recorded “Sometimes I Just Need a Break.” Cindy is able to create her recordings without a script. She can fluently hear Spirit. We know you can too.

We started with 100 GEMs that we recorded, then we opened it to the public so anyone can contribute a GEM. We wanted to offer new GEMs each day.

We believe our mission “to provide a community for people to share their uplifting, positive experiences quickly and easily” is Divinely inspired.

We hope you enjoy listening to and/or sharing these experiences.

May our dreams of a better, happier way of life bring us peace in our lives, and in the world.
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