People Say...

"A Great Hush and a Great perfect for this Windy, Windy Day! thank you!"

"Beautiful. Thank you. "

"Thank you, Cindy for these special tidings. They always seem to arrive when I need them. Hoping you and your pup are doing well!!"

“Thanks for sending all these different things to get one centered.”

“I liked this GEM, Richard. I will try the walking tours. The pic looks like Postano, Spain.”


“Love your GEM on inflammation”

The gem "How about mooing it?" - "Very funny. Made me laugh. Great imagery."

“I have done that”

“Very nice Richard! I will listen. I have always enjoyed Hand lgive us the history”

“Nice John”

"Beautiful" ("Words That Can Crumble Stone" GEM)

“Nice Gem, Cindy”

“Good job on website Richard”

“Great job, John”

“I like your new gem, and left a comment on the site.”

“An interesting topic -- thanks.”

“This is absolutely true!! Look not on at your parents, but many Gardeners I know are still moving n gardening in their 90s and 100s!
Gardening is a fountain of youth as it also provided the amazing vitamins n minerals from the soil, and from the Fresh just picked veggies or fruit. They have not started to decay as produce in a store even one day old looses vital nutrients that help keep use cells young. I know many times while I’m in the garden i might get hungry, so I’ll pick some lettuce or arugula or a couple tomatoes n just rinse them off and eat them!!! This is living, and living well and long!!”

“Thank you! “

“I agree. My heritage brought hard working immigrants.”

“Thank you for your Gem.”

“I really enjoyed it, and your voice is beautiful too.”

"Very beautiful way of seeing the silver lining in every cloud, and tuning ourselves from anxiety to thankfulness, via a change in perspective."

“Well done Wishing you well”

“Maybe its time to send love and surround covid with healing light. Instead of fearing it embrace it like a not well child. And vision a cure, vaccine, or it even disappearing forever.”

“Loved your GEM!”

“ Very beautiful and touching message. I could feel Spirit speaking through you. Very well presented. Thanks for letting us hear through you.”

“Thank your work in making Heart Speak truly brighten the world.”
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