Farms and Pies Oh My


When Bruce and I were first married, we discovered Jones’ Family Farm, and started a tradition.

Each October we’d go to the farm and pick out a huge pumpkin. Then we’d bring it home, and work all weekend to make pies (usually 9) and loaves (usually 6).

Sometimes, we’d make pumpkin cookies or pumpkin pancakes (not a big hit). We’d cook the seeds. Then we’d distribute the pies to my parents and my brother Mike, Bruce’s parents, aunties, neighbors, etc.

I’d always bring some in for the teacher’s lounge at Second Hill Lane School.

One year, I bravely made a from-scratch-pumpkin-pie with a kindergarten class!

The tradition continued when the children came along. Actually, in late May, we went to Jones’ for strawberries, then in June for blueberries.

In the summer, we went to Silverman’s Farm for apples and peaches, and made more pies to share. The children enjoyed the little petting zoo at the farm, and Bruce enjoyed picking huge sunflowers.

In the fall, we’d go to farms in Easton for raspberry and vegetable picking.

Our children grew up like little migrant farmers and enjoyed every moment of it.

They enjoyed bringing fresh vegetables and “still hot” pies to everyone.

We created special memories.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2020
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Wednesday, December 23, 2020
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