The Ten-Year Plan

As we age, and most people retire, many people tell me that they have nothing to do, they’re bored, and they have no clue how to spend the day. And then I meet others who are so busy, they’re busier retired than they ever were when they were working.

Failure Leads to Success

Often in life we discover that failure leads to success.

Let’s think about it. Two parents are raising two children: Joey and Johnny.

When Joey’s learning to walk, his mom is holding his hands as walks across the room to his dad. Along the path, walking across the room, Joey is secure, he can’t fall because mom’s holding him, and he feels protected. And everything he does is perfect in the eyes of his parents, because he successfully walked across the room to daddy.

I See What I Need To See

I am always talking with God.
Sometimes I say, “Please show me what I need to see.”
I become a little more alert, and yet relaxed at the same time - .attentive and expectant. Perhaps there’s a symbol or message in the dirt on the side of the road. Once I saw what looked like writing in the sand. I know it was a message.
Perhaps there is a word or important number on a marker plate on a car nearby. In fact, I did this once, and within 45 seconds, a car drove by with the words “Spirit Speak” on its front marker plate.

Afraid of an Outcome - Losing Your Home

A friend called me this morning, and was really upset about
something that was going on in his life,
something that he could not control the outcome,
as far as what was going to happen with this particular thing.

He thought he was losing his house. He was not paying his bills.
In fact, he had the money to pay his bills, but he just chose
to spend his money on something else.
This is a big thing for him, a scary thing for him about
where he is going to live, and what is going to happen.

Being Scared by Something You Can Not Control

My friend called the other day, and was very frustrated, and disappointed.
He was quite upset about something that was going on in his life,
something he could not control. It was something he actually brought into
his path by not taking actions that he should have taken,
on something that he knew he was supposed to take.

He ignored the situation and just went on to continue to move forward,
and then there were consequences to the decisions he chose to do.
And he didn’t like the outcome and had to wait to hear what the final outcome would be.

I Have Another Day - Now What

I got up this morning. I looked out my window. It’s raining, gray, chilly - a little cold out there.

But man, am I glad to be up. I’ve been given another day - another day.

My friend George will always say to me, “Hey, how are you doing.”

And I’ll say, “Good, how are you.”

And he’ll say, “Great. I got up. I got another day.”

Today on my schedule, things are a bit all over the place.
I’m going to be going here, and I’m going to be going there.

Invisible Helpers

What’s an invisible helper?

Some may call an invisible helper God.

Some may call an invisible helper an angel, a loved one who has passed over.

It really doesn’t matter.

It’s whether you think there is someone there to assist you.

I believe, I didn’t always, but I do believe now that there is a presence always there to help me.

So what I do in my life, is that I call upon that helper.

I think of that helper sitting beside me at work in a chair.

I think of that helper as someone with me in my car when I am driving somewhere.

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