A Glittery World


Inspired by visiting Tickled Pink in Seymour CT (www.tickledpinkshoppe.com) .

In the local valley, with a backdrop of towering mountains and clear lakes, there is a small boutique nestled among rows of antique dealers. To me, this is more than a store. When one steps inside it, it is like being transported to a place of wonder and beauty.

Tickled Pink offers a magical, ambient setting that truly makes one forget daily concerns. It is like its own world, an enchanting, compelling, truly breathtaking realm.

With each changing season the world changes into an appropriately-themed paradise. In summer, miniature fairies made of metal swing from tree branches or hide among silk flower bouquets and painted teacups. In autumn vintage-inspired wooden signs trimmed with garlands feature hand painted images of children, jack-o-lanterns, witches, and cute black cats. In winter, miniature houses, churches, and community scenes painted white, light pink, or light blue, dipped in glitter, create the illusion of a tiny, perfect, wintry world. And in spring, small, fluffy lambs and chickens peep out from every corner.

This world is filled with crystals that hang from long silk ribbons, making rainbows in the sun. It is a world of glittering crystal tiaras and diamondy hairclips, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. It is a world of lotions that smell like flowers and meadows. And a world of Victorian sachets trimmed with lace. It is a world of cupcake-shaped bath accessories, hand-painted greeting cards, and metallic good-luck angels, set against the backdrop of Victorian gilded cabinets painted pure white.

This world is from the imagination of an ever-smiling woman, with the help of her daughters and two other ladies, along with, occasionally a tiny, quiet dog who sits patiently on a fluffy pillow in a tiny cage beneath glitter-filled mini-chandeliers, among rows of shiny glass cases of jewelry.

Enveloped in the magic of this sparking glitter-and-crystal-filled paradise, minutes seem like seconds and it is nearly impossible to step back out into the real world. But, it you are lucky, you will leave with an amazing treasure wrapped in a beautiful bow, and maybe even a little glitter, to remind you that the magic is still alive with you wherever you are.

Date Recorded: 
Friday, January 5, 2018
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Friday, January 5, 2018
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Wednesday, January 17, 2024
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