Fountain of Youth


As we age, we all begin to show it. But there is a sample in the population that seem to defy aging. At least a little.

This group, they stay younger longer. They stay more active longer. Their bodies are capable of movement longer. Their minds seem to be more interested in new activities longer. And their spirit definitely seems younger longer. In fact, all the senses stay more vital, their eyes, their taste, their ears, their torso, their mind, and their spirit.

All six are revitalized, so what is this activity? What is this fountain of youth?

I discovered it by observing my parents and grandparents. Physically and mentally, they stayed active in their late 80s, while so many of their peers were couch potatoes in their 70s.

What is this fountain of youth? It’s gardening.

When you garden, your eyes enjoy the beauty that you create with landscaping flowers. Your tastes appreciate the freshness of the blueberries, the basil, the tomatoes, the green beans. If you’ve ever picked a green bean, the moment you snap it off the vine, it drips. There’s nothing like that.

Your ears appreciate the audio of the attraction of the vocal music created by the birds and the tree frogs.

Your torso stays younger by all the stretching of your limbs and your muscles.

Your mind stays more active. You’re ready to go and you’re ready to try new things.

When you get a phone call, where most of your peers are staying home, you wanna get out that door.

And finally, your spirit. Since you’re not alone, and you’re active with others, ‘cause you’re going out, there’s no time to get depressed. There’s no time to be sad. You’re too busy living.

It’s funny, at my dad’s funeral, I heard countless strangers come up to me, and friends and relatives, tell me the number of times my dad would share the bounty of his garden with union members, veterans, neighbors, family members. There’s nothing like giving. You heard the old saying that it’s better to give than receive –well imagine how good you’ll feel when you go to a hospital and give a basket of fresh strawberries or blueberries or tomatoes from your garden.

So if you want to stay younger longer, don’t reinvent the wheel. Copy what many others have done to stay young. Go gardening and discover for yourself one fountain of youth.

Date Recorded: 
Saturday, August 12, 2017
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Sunday, August 13, 2017
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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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