Council of Elders


How do you make decision?

Do you gather information? Do you research? Do you educate yourself? Do you read all the best information? Put the best information at your fingertips? Do you call friends? Experts in the field? So that before you make the decision, you have all the right information?

Then when you have that, what’s your next step?

I learned from a very successful man, success as being defined as a person thousands of people would listen to, how he did it.

And he called it, "The council of elders."

Imagine, before you make your final decision, you are sitting at a campfire. It’s night. The fire is glowing, and sitting around the campfire are all the people that you admire the most. They could be from your family: past deceased ones, your father, your grandfather and uncle, your grandmother, your mom. They could be famous leaders. Perhaps you were inspired by Churchill or some other famous leader of a country.

See the individuals that you admire the most sitting around that campfire. Then the question that you need a decision on, ask them what they think. And listen.

It’s amazing, the answer is within.

You probably know the answer.

But listening to people that you admire may pose it in a way that you hear clearer.

And help you make that decision.

Good luck with your "Council of elders."

Date Recorded: 
Monday, July 17, 2017
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Sunday, July 23, 2017
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Wednesday, December 27, 2023
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