Something Says You're Home

Introduction by Phil

If you listen very closely, the souvenirs that you gathered over your lifetimes and placed in your home might whisper their history to you.
Can you hear them?

   The actual song itself is available only in spoken form, as requested by Philip.

Response by John

I love that last GEM recorded by Phil, entitled Something Says You’re Home.

Seeing What You Want to See

It is amazing how our subconscious can change what we actually see.

I remember reading about a person, who when hypnotized could not see another person. Their mind was able to completely eliminate that other person from anything they were looking at. Their mind would fill in the background so the person looked invisible.

What does this say about us?


One day I was working on my mother’s finances with a calculator, with lots of detailed questions. I was thinking, “Why me? Why do I have to do this?” I took a deep breath, sighed, and just happened to look at the calculator.

There were the numbers 4444. I know I didn’t put that there. Any calculation like that, I would have remembered.

So, I googled what 4444 meant. It means, “The angels are with you.” Hmmm. Really interesting.

So, I started learning a little more about numerology, because it was being waved blatantly right in front of me.

A Sense of Certainty

We were at a mall of factory outlet stores the other day. It was a sunny, early autumn-feeling kind of day. Many street vendors with small carts were there for the Labor Day weekend sales.

We came by one vendor selling singing bowls.

I was certain I was going to buy one of those bowls. There had been other times when we saw singing bowls. But the certainty was absolute that I was going home that day with one of those bowls.

In fact, one stood out immediately, a small golden one, like it was calling to me. I started playing it, and liked what I heard and what I felt.

Is anything really sold out?

I was going to a church service that had a singer
Who sang the bible
Who was suppose to be an amazing pastor
I really want to go to it
I found out about in on Facebook of all places
The concert event was totally sold out
I just sensed I need to be there I should be there
I took the drive it was in Waterbury Ct
It was this really cool church that was
In the middle of a neighborhood
There were cars parked all over the place it was jamming
I walked in and was greeted and said I know the concert was sold out

I Talk to Plants

I talk to plants. I mean, I don’t do this every day, but I have talked with some plants. I read how to do this in a book, The Secret Teachings of Plants, and I decided to try it myself.

I move my awareness to the middle of my chest. It’s usually in the middle of my head. I see it like a ball of white light moving from my head to my heart. I close my eyes, and tell the plant, “I want to speak with you and learn from you.” It also helps if I imagine myself filling the plant – into its leaves, into its branches, into its trunk, into its roots.

Knowing Trumps Knowledge

Just as an ace of spade trumps the king of spades, knowing trumps knowledge.

An intelligent person does not care much about information and knowledge. An intelligent person cares much more for the capacity to know.

His or her interest is in knowing, not just knowledge. Knowing gives you understanding, where knowledge gives one a feeling of understanding, without giving you real understanding.

Council of Elders

How do you make decision?

Do you gather information? Do you research? Do you educate yourself? Do you read all the best information? Put the best information at your fingertips? Do you call friends? Experts in the field? So that before you make the decision, you have all the right information?

Then when you have that, what’s your next step?

I learned from a very successful man, success as being defined as a person thousands of people would listen to, how he did it.

And he called it, "The council of elders."

Beach Eyes

You’re walking along the ocean shore in Truro, Massachusetts, and Cape Cod. You feel all alone in the world right now.

You went for a walk, to kind of gather yourself, but still, you feel alone.

The area in Truro is distant from the parking lots, so very few people ever venture out that far.

So you see no sun bathers. All you see are a few seagulls.

But basically you’re alone. Or are you?

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