Another Way of Looking at Corona


The world is stopped, on pause, from its frenetic pace.
Perhaps people, the earth, and our busy-ness need a rest.

The roads are empty.
Perhaps people see better “nearsighted” now and then.

People look for groceries and food.
Perhaps people appreciate better the abundance we took for granted.

People’s daily routines are all “off-kilter” and disrupted.
Perhaps the habits were also a box that now is not.

Some people are bored with newly found free time.
Perhaps they can now feel “allowed and permitted” to think, to imagine, to create.

All are affected.
Perhaps we are more conscious that all are equal at some fundamental level.

All are concerned with their health.
Perhaps we are more aware of our bodies, and the virus kingdom, and all life creatures.

Some people, and some businesses are failing.
Perhaps this is the catalyst for compassion.

Some people have fear and anxiety of the times.
Perhaps they may realize that many others are praying and meditating for them and all of earth – hidden human angels, human lighthouses, human beacons of better earth.

Some people want to return to the old ways when it ends.
Perhaps we come out learning new ways to live 100 times better.

Some people see it as a burden.
Perhaps many more see it as a rest.

Some people see it as the ultimate nuisance.
Perhaps many more see it as a new page.

Some people probably feel like cursing the virus.
Perhaps far more feel like blessing all life on earth.

Date Recorded: 
Tuesday, May 5, 2020
Date Posted: 
Tuesday, May 5, 2020
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Monday, October 23, 2023
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