What Mountain Do You Climb?

Do you climb the mountain of prosperity?

Do you climb the mountain of health?

Do you climb the mountain of the perfect mate?

Do you climb the mountain of awakening?

Seeking a solution at the top? Day after day?

Here’s what I found helps me.

To sit quietly and feel that I am at the top of the mountain, in tune with the Creator, the guru, the wisdom at the top. Sensing what it feels like to be exactly where I want to be, right now.

I say an affirmation or two, a few times, out loud. Simply, “I am prosperous.” “I am healthy.” “I am awake.”

What Is New Earth?

New Earth is not a place, but a way of living.

A way of experiencing earth a different way – joyful, playful, conscious, and aware.

I live on New Earth, or rather, “in” New Earth.

I am very aware of what I am thinking and saying. Always, as best I can, choosing positive over negative. So, I am constantly editing and guiding my thoughts, rather than letting them run rampant.

Looking for the Missing Glasses

My wife lost her glasses. They were missing for over 3 weeks. Each of the four of us in this home tried looking for them several times over – we just could not find them.

Then I tried something different. Instead of telling the universe, “Oh my, the glasses are missing.” I said out loud, “Thank you for showing me the glasses.” I hopped into the future with the end result being the glasses were in my hand, and being thankful for that too.

Calm in the Corona Whirlwind

You’re staying home.
You’re washing hands.
You’re drinking water.

Now what?
Are you still anxious?

Do you realize the entire world is now focusing single-pointedly on well-being?
Everyone in their own way.
Vast numbers, hidden, like stars in the sky in the daylight.

The doctors and nurses and researchers in their way.
The caregivers in their way.
The people of all religions in their way.
The light-workers in their way.

Another Way of Looking at Corona

The world is stopped, on pause, from its frenetic pace.
Perhaps people, the earth, and our busy-ness need a rest.

The roads are empty.
Perhaps people see better “nearsighted” now and then.

People look for groceries and food.
Perhaps people appreciate better the abundance we took for granted.

People’s daily routines are all “off-kilter” and disrupted.
Perhaps the habits were also a box that now is not.

At Peace in the Whirlwind

Can you sit in the middle of the whirlwind and just tune it all out?

The corporate greed, the corruption, the dog eat dog part of the world.

And see a gentler, kinder place. An “all-rightness” and “goodness” that follows you, envelopes you and those you hold dear.

As if an easy path opens because you choose it to be so. I do this. I can do it. Anything is possible.

Hot Dog!

I’m in Detroit
And I just want to talk about a synchronistic moment that I call
Whether it’s Coincidence
I think everything is so universally planned out for us at times
Before leaving to go to the famous Cooney Island hot dogs that are made in Dearborn
I was being a real tourist wanting to hit that spot
As I was getting dressed I did not want to wear white
Cause I thought I am going to have a messy chili dog
A Cooney Island chill dog, I am going to splatter that all over myself

Manifesting little things... we are not bluffing!

Dedicated to Sandy
I wanted to talk just a moment about manifesting
The things in life that you can manifest
From big things to little things
To all kind of things
My friends and I are taking a group trip to Cape Cod in August
We are really looking forward it talking it up about things we can do
I mentioned I found the game Trivial Pursuit for Boomers
My friend sandy says
I love the game Balderdash
I’d like to play that as well when we are up at Cape Cod
Well that would be fun sounds like a great plan

Manifesting Sunshine

Can you manifest sunshine?
That’s the test I would all like you to take
On the next rainy prediction , grey cloudy day
When you have a wonderful
activity planned for yourself the following day
Now my friend Sandy and a group of us were going to
the beach to Long Beach, Startford Ct
We were having a picnic and going in the month of April
Of course April showers bring May flowers
And we decided to just hang out at the beach and share
food fellowship and have a good time they predicted rain

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