A Sign to Pause

There is a certain birdsong, that when I hear it, I pause whatever I am doing,
and say, “Thank you.” I keep repeating this as long as the bird sings.

No one ever told me to do this. I just know to do it.

I am not necessarily thanking the bird, although I include that too,
but I am rather, “giving thanks,” to everything, everybody, everywhere.

You can say I am thanking God, All That Is, the Presence.

I’m also thanking myself for coming this far, and being the gift that I am,
each of us are, to the world. I send my thank you out into the universe and beyond,
everywhere at once. I believe a future me hears it, too.

I am also thanking the Universe for the surprise of giving me this sign,
sort of its way of thanking me and playing with me.

I always feel so much better after doing this.

Perhaps there is something that you would like to choose,
to remind yourself to pause, and say “Thank you,”
when that particular sign appears. Maybe it’s a bird singing,
or the smell of grass, or the sight of a young child, or a squirrel eating an acorn.

Try it.
When you hear a bird singing, pause, and join her in saying “Thank you.”

Date Recorded: 
Thursday, April 13, 2017
Date Posted: 
Thursday, April 13, 2017
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Wednesday, April 3, 2024
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