Dreaming in Color


Do you dream in color?

The question came up one day, and gee, I am not sure.

I do remember dreams that were incredibly realistic. I saw individual blades of grass, and it was very green.

In some dreams there is a crowd, and all the faces are individual, different – yet incredibly, all strangers.

Some dreams that I’ve had a long time ago, I suddenly remember while I am awake, like a déjà vu. I think most of my dreams are in black and white, and occasionally in color.

If I close my eyes, and just see what appears, the images are black and white. It’s really interesting to see what appears, all by itself, within just one minute.

Once in a while, parts of the image will be colored in, like my mind is toying with the idea.

As a matter of fact, I can quite easily make a triangle shape when my eyes are closed. I find it really amazing to play within my mind’s eye, and seeing what I come up with by willing it, and what it comes up with.

Along these lines, what I am really proud of, is something that occurred all by itself.

With my eyes closed, just being quiet and calm, I found myself out among the stars, in space. It was very pleasant, like I knew this feeling. I believe my consciousness was placed out there somewhere in space.

Anyhow, now I can just think of the experience, with that image in my mind’s eye, and I am transported there. I can will it so.

Perhaps you would like to see if you dream in color, and when you are in some quiet, safe place, close your eyes, and see what image you can create, perhaps a triangle, or just see what is given to you.

Date Recorded: 
Saturday, January 27, 2018
Date Posted: 
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Thursday, January 4, 2024
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