Bear out of no where


I am out driving to go to an appointment
And they changed the time
I had to go a little early
As I am driving down this country road
That I go down all the time
The beginning of December
I don’t know the exact date because I am not looking at a calendar
But low and behold in this field on the snow covered ground
In Bridgewater CT
Is this big huge black bear just hanging out in a field
I was just flabbergasted
I heard of these siting’s and people seeing them
I had to pull over in awe of this magnificent animal
Out strutting around thru the fields
In a neighborhood country setting with all these
There were a few cars who pulled over
Most cards just zipped by
No one was paying attention to what was going on
I was kind of following it
Turning around
Driving and watching it
Even though I had somewhere to go
I did not want to miss this opportunity
To watch this bear
Amongst the habitat in man against mankind
And watching It
I did not wat to miss this opportunity
I was praying and hoping the bear stay safe and would be protected
That nothing would happen to it
I went down another road
So many people were not home
He was strutting from yard to yard
There is a pond
Looking all around
Taking a nice slow pace
If someone was to step out and see that
They would be so unprepared to witness that
My heart was thumping
Why was I seeing this
The thing about me
When I walk my dog I take it for granted
I take it for granted there isn’t any nature I will come across
I really love the animal kingdom
I am really hoping that bear is safe
and no harm comes to anyone
It was such an unexpected gift to me to watch this
What a magnificent animal this bear is
I would like to hear about your bear siting’s
This happened on 12/9/2019 at
2:00 pm in the afternoon
Appears to be a gray rainy day, it was mild out
I am in awe of this

Route 133#Bridgewater# CT#December#snow

Cindy M. Miller
Date Recorded: 
Friday, December 6, 2019
Date Posted: 
Friday, December 6, 2019
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GEM of the Day: 
Friday, September 8, 2023


Beautiful unexpected joy. Very happy.
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