Aromatic Forest


Aromatic Forest
Imagine you are going hike today
You just put on your new hiking boots
And you have a good sturdy strong hiking stick in your left hand
As you look ahead the woods are very green and very inviting
Majestic oaks and maples tower about you 90 to100 feet
Providing the most wonderful cover from the hot sun
A gentle breeze is blowing
Under the cover of these majestic tress
Patches of green growth provides homes to countless little creatures
You pass an evergreen
You can’t help but notice the aroma of the pine needles
Your senses are tingling with that pine sensation
What a delight
You hike pass a birch tree
You snap off a branch
You please in directly underneath your noise
And you inhale the sweet woody smell of wintergreen
It’s delicious you can taste the smell
You are tempted to lick that open crack in the branch
To taste it and drink its nectar
So you continue your hike
You come across a black walnut tree
Limbs have been broken off the tree by a recent storm
The entire area is filled with this cloud of citrus smell
Well you are ready to head back from your hike
As you are heading back
You pass a field of wild mint
As your shoes these new hiking boots of yours break the limbs off the mint
You can taste it is if you are drinking a cool class of mint tea
What a fragrant hike
Thank you forest for this tasty treat


Date Recorded: 
Monday, July 17, 2017
Date Posted: 
Sunday, July 23, 2017
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Thursday, December 21, 2023
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I like this gem because it reminds me of hikes that I've done.

I can smell the pine scent!

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