All the lonely people


All the lonely people
Where do they all come from
Ah the Beatles not to date myself
I remember their debut singing on the Ed Sullivan show
They kind of shocked me with their performance
Funny I can still remember that
I can have so many memories both good and bad
My memories can have a direct effect on my emotions and actions.
If I am feeling lonely do I consider
being with myself can be an amazing thing if
I can find peace and joy in the stillness of being alone.
Even if it isn’t quiet can I be in the quiet
Am I running to avoid it
Am I stuck where I feel I can’t get out of it
Our mind and Spirit often oppose each other at times
God’s is with us at all times so I am never alone.
My confidence level can also play an effect on feeling
I am worthy and deserving
I can choose how to feel anytime sometimes in the snap of a second.
I have learned to surround myself with what makes me feel good,
what I truly enjoy.
I don’t want to stay busy to avoid what I am feeling if
I am blue or depressed
But to find a way to come out of it in a faster way so
not to let the grip of those emotions
Seize away my time.
We go thru so many teachings in our life, things beyond our control.
But I can control how I process what I am feeling and take
steps to shift
My thoughts as best I can.
I can step outside, turn on a song, listen
to nature, go to the water, smell the flowers figuring out
What does bring me delight
I am the one to take action on me
As I radiate towards feeling good.
My belief in God and the angels that are always
with me so I am never alone.
I can ask for guidance and healing to help shift my choice to joy!
It can happen in a nano second so why not now embrace yourself
as the newness of your life unfolds.
Cindy M. Miller

Cindy's book "Is That All There Is...The Journey Within" can be found on Amazon

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Cindy Miller
Date Recorded: 
Friday, May 28, 2021
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Friday, May 28, 2021
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Friday, April 19, 2024
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