Personal Story

The Value of Money

Hi, my name is Reet, and this is my story called “The Value of Money.”

Hello, everyone. I have a story to share with you today. It is a personal story about my very early years, around actually 4 years old.

Growing up in a small town named Stratford, one of my earliest memories was being allowed to walk, myself, to a nearby grocery store, about 400 feet from our doorstep.

I had all my pennies and a couple nickels saved in my piggy bank.

Horse Skunk Help

My horse had her own kitten. The kitten was black and white. Her name was Megan. I only called her Megan when I was mad at her. I used to call her Morgan Mule. I called her Meg for short.

She had her own black and white kitten, and she got skunked. She must have thought it was her kitten.

She was running to me, because I had whistled for her. And she stopped dead in her tracks and wouldn’t move.

I walked down. I thought something had happened. And then I smelled her.

My Horse

I guess I’ll start from the beginning. I always loved horses growing up.

When I was 17, I got a job. I saved my money and I bought one. She was 11 months old.

She didn’t know how to be a horse, and I didn’t know how to be a rider – we changed though.

Well, 15 years later, my mom was very sick. I worked 2 jobs trying to keep the horse, and keep the family together, because I had to cook and clean.

It broke my heart to have to sell that 15 years old, but I had no problem selling her.

I got $3000 for her and I paid $150.

Finding De-Light - What Truly Is Ageism?

She stared at me with her oh so serious and piercing eyes, chin resting on her hand, and said in a most sincere voice: “I love talking to old people.”

There she was, one of a gaggle of elementary school girls at the first meeting of our new workshop, and these were the first words I heard out of her mouth.

Well, I responded, "I love talking to young people, so we’re going to have a great time together – sharing and learning from each other."

The Power of Prayer

I’d like to talk about my faith today. I give full credit to my mother for my faith.

My mother was a divorced Catholic who remarried. Who could no longer receive the sacraments in the Catholic church, but she made sure that we were brought up Catholic. Every week we went to religious education. And every Sunday, she took us to Mass.

And if my older brother, who had been out having a good time, came in late and knocked the phone off of the wall, we went to 7 o’clock Mass, otherwise it was usually 10 o’clock Mass.

The 22 Year Gift

This story I would like to tell is about friends of mine. Friends of my husband’s and mine, who recently got refugee visa’s from the Ukraine, and are now living in Oakville, CT.

Twenty something years ago, my husband is working in the shop, and the woman who was the engineer, she was crying. He said, “What is wrong Galina?” She said that my friend Irina in the Ukraine, she lost her husband at 28 years old of diabetes, because if the was money, there was no medicine, and if there was medicine, there was no money.

Our Miracle Universe - Part1 - Beginnings

Our Miracle Universe, absolute darkness. Not a hint of light. No stars anywhere. No sounds of any kind. Nothing of any kind. Nothing at all.

Then suddenly a huge explosion like the universe has never known before, and probably will never know again.

In a matter of seconds, the universe was engulfed in a huge cloud of hydrogen gas.

The Big Bang had just occurred. From a tiny point called a singularity in the universe, the universe as we have come to know was born.

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