Ten Thousand Daffodils


Oh I could walk 10,000 miles
Maybe your heard that song
Today I am walking to see 10,000 plus daffodils
On Wigawam Road in Litchfield, CT
And its Laurel Ridge Farm
And it was what was an unusable piece of farm land
That these private land owners decided what could they do with it
They decided to plant daffodils
They are also deer resistant
Which is great hear in the north east
For your flower and veggie garden
It has been raining a lot
And it is a really sunshiny day
I am staying up in Goshen
Litchfield is a neighboring town to view these daffodils
And it is jammed
There are people parking
There are photographs
There are people walking all around
There are children
There are just so many different things going on
And it is just beautiful to see all these people taking in nature
And just embracing
The moment of the sunshine hitting your face
And just looking out and turning around in every direction and seeing daffodils
These is even a pond and in the center of the pond there is a little island
If I had a boat
Or if I felt really courageous
I could jump into the water and swim over to the center where there are more daffodils
So being out in nature is just so invigorating
I love just seeing sites like this
Especially gardens I love seeing all kinds of gardens
I just love seeing nature unfolding and the beauty of the landscape
So if you are ever up in Litchfield you can go to Wigawam Road and wonder around
It’s totally free
I am just wondering
Where you like to wander whey you have the time
Do you take the time off
To get out into nature and explore
And enjoy the day
Do you see what is out there
Do you appreciate the beauty
Even if you go for 5 minutes it can shift your
Energy your thoughts for the day
When I see daffodils today
Not only do I see daffodils
I think of that wonderful hill side and farmland of daffodils
That I got to traipse around in on that sunny day
I look forward to my next my next garden tour

Laurel Ridge, Wigwam Road, Litchfield, CT

Cindy M. Miller
Date Recorded: 
Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Date Posted: 
Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Wednesday, January 18, 2023
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