Our Miracle Universe - Part2 - New Stars Expanding


I will touch briefly on the birth of stars.

Stars form in large clouds of hydrogen gas. There are many of these star nurseries. One that we can see is the Orion nebula, in the sky in the constellation of Orion. The ancient people saw a hunter in the constellation. Three bright stars make its belt. Look below the belt of Orion, you will see a smudge in the sky. That is the Orion nebula. This is a cloud of hydrogen gas that is a baby star nursery. If you look closely you will see small points of light. These are baby stars just being born. The baby formula that they absorb is the hydrogen gas. They will grow becoming many more stars as they absorb more gas. Finally, they will become adult stars with all the gas of the nebula absorbed, and the Orion nebula will become a beautiful star cluster with no gas left.

The universe is expanding, and with space telescopes we can see galaxies and objects we could never see before. This is an exciting time for the study of cosmology.

Now, what will happen to our universe? Will it continue expanding forever as some people suggest? Or will it stop expanding then contract back as other people suggest? What will cause it to stop expanding and begin to contract?

We can only see matter that gives off light. However, most of the matter in the universe is called dark matter. We cannot see it. However, there is so much of it in the universe, that eventually gravity will take hold and that can cause the universe to begin to contract.

Will the universe in a billion contract down to a single point like before? No one knows.

In closing, I would like to say the universe is like a living being. It has birth, life, and death. The miracle that happened in the universe is incredible and we should not take it for granted.

We live in a spaceship traveling through an incredible universe. Next time you look up into the night sky, just think of all the miracles that are happening as you gaze upward. This has been a very short and simplistic view of our universe. The biggest miracles are here on earth as human beings being able to begin to comprehend the complexities of the universe we live in.

Thank you.

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Friday, May 5, 2023
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Friday, May 5, 2023
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