Harmonizing Food


Artwork by Bruce Zboray www.bruce-zboray.artistwebsites.com

Whenever I eat anything, I always say, "Please bless this meal." I say this out loud, or I say it in my mind. I imagine sparkly light in and around the food. It takes only 3 seconds.

When you think of giving thanks for your food, it seems like a quaint, old custom, now out of date. Yet, energetically, this harmonizes the food. It's amazing. Such a simple act neutralizes all the negative energy, as the food came to your table - the pesticides, the possible unmindful handling, the treatment of the animals and plants, the possible microwaves that heated, and so on.

Not only does "Please bless this meal" neutralize negative energies, but it also energizes the food with your gratitude and intention of well-being.

Why does homemade food taste so good? Because it is prepared with mindful caring.

One day I took a glass of water, held it between my hands and talked to it: "Thank you water for coming into me, for living in my cells, in my blood, and throughout my body.Thank you for your wetness. Thank you for allowing me to be healthy, strong, and for allowing my body to live. Thank you water." When I sipped the water, it tasted sweet.

The exact words don't matter as much as the intention and feeling behind them.

If you'd rather not use "bless", you can use "harmonize."

See how it works for you, next time you eat: "Please bless this meal."

Date Recorded: 
Thursday, March 16, 2017
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Sunday, April 9, 2017
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