Drive My car


I am driving to my next destination
As I am on this country road
Looking around
I am thinking wow isn’t it amazing
This car that just transports me
With these wheels that I can go
here and there
To and from
Often I wonder
Do we just forget the attitude of gratitude
Of being able to be so mobile
There are so many people who don’t have a car and need to walk everywhere
Although walking is a really good exercise
Just being able to move in an automobile
Is just really pretty much a gift
I happy to be able to transport myself
And look around
I just think you should give it some thought
Your mobility at times
You are able to be mobile
If you are able to be mobile
How big of a thing that is
Just being able to can come and go
To move freely
I just see the sign
About trust
I trust in my path
I am going to get where I need to be
I am on it
So just as you are driving around the next time you are driving around
Pondering, taking in the views
And if you are fortunate enough to have a vehicle
Just be grateful that you are mobile
And that you have the opportunity to come and go
Even being stuck in traffic
It can be a good thing
It is preventing you from being somewhere when you should not be there
Just trust traffic jams
You can ask for harmony for the traffic to open up
To where you need to be
It is all part of the big plan
The God plan has for your life
Enjoy the road
And just be more contemplative when you are on it

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Cindy M. Miller
Date Recorded: 
Thursday, May 18, 2017
Date Posted: 
Saturday, May 20, 2017
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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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