A Christmas Gassed


This song too was written during the first gas crisis during the 1970’s Carter administration. I had fun putting these new gas shortage lyrics to these beloved Christmas standards, And as I say them you will be able to figure out by the nature of the song which Christmas song I carol out.

   The actual song itself is available only in spoken form, as requested by Philip.

Response by John

That last GEM by Phil was titled A Christmas Gased. Not past but gased. Today is March 21, 2024. And the story applies today as it did when first recorded. When was that, Phil? “Once again, the 1970’s during the Carter administration.” That’s 50 years later. Time doesn’t change. We’re still in the same situation.

About the Author

Phil Gross has written poetry and turned them into songs since he was about 19 years old. Many people write in diaries or journals.
Poetry and songs are his journals, documenting his life, strife, loves and the passing of his years.

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Philip P Gross
Date Recorded: 
Wednesday, May 15, 2024
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Wednesday, May 15, 2024
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Friday, May 17, 2024
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