Chatting with El Part 2 - My Handicap and Its Purpose


Handicaps or disabilities can be things like poverty, a less than pleasing appearance, or a lack of freedom, support or community.

In my case, My Higher Self, El, revealed, my handicap, or disability, is the lack of several types of partnership that I have always fervently desired and am not currently enjoying in my life – the intimate kind; the sustained, soulful work/business variety; and the type that comes from a group of people working together, up close and persistently, on a cause that is dear to their hearts.

This lack has caused me to cry myself to sleep many nights, scheme about how to fill it many days, and feel sorry for myself more times than I can remember (or like to admit). It is (or at least feels) even harder to bear because I HAVE experienced all these kinds of partnership in the past, and the brief intervals when I had them brought me so much peace and fulfillment. (I am after all a Libra, and one that has partnership written all over my chart.)

So then I asked the next logical question (and perhaps, you dear listener have already asked it yourself and are wondering when I’d get around to answering it, or perhaps since you’re so wise you already know the answer!): What is the purpose? And will knowing it help me rise above my handicap, which means, will the knowledge end my suffering?

Dear El, who never fails to oblige me with answers when I ask the right questions, replied: We take on disabilities to experience our Divinity.

By now I realized that I was onto something, perhaps even the core of life itself, the driving force of our evolution as spiritual beings. But to understand how and why this was so I had to examine my own handicap and see what it had to teach me – maybe even finally LEARN the lesson in order to harvest the Divinity within.

And if you wish, continue to Part 3.

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Friday, October 18, 2019
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Friday, October 18, 2019
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Tuesday, May 16, 2023
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