(singing) “Christ is risen from the dead. Trampling down death by death, and to those in the tombs bestowing life.”

I love that chant, the Paschal Troparion chant about Christ being risen from the dead.

And sometimes I feel like I need to be risen from the dead. And to be mindful of the gift of life.

Just remembering that each day is a death and to really hold that in my heart, and in my mind, and to really plant a seed of that thought and that feeling with me continually. And just know that God can defeat anything in our lives. The thought of trampling down death by death, and bestowing life.

We want to give life to things in our life, to feel all the goodness, all the positive thinking and may we really internalize the feeling that we are worthy and that we are wonderful and that we are made mightier than it seems in the Presence of God. And that God is within us.

To keep chanting, and take whatever time to chant, and really take that into the spirit, and remember just how fearlessly and wonderful that you are made, and how you can rise above any circumstances, just continue to rise with life.

And I hope you enjoy this chant and you will continue to chant.

And I close with saying, “God bless. Amen.”

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Cindy M. Miller
Date Recorded: 
Friday, April 19, 2019
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Friday, April 19, 2019
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Tuesday, July 9, 2024
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