Healing Sounds of Music

Musical beginning of Claire de Lune performed by and courtesy of Amber Short -

I’ve found that “Claire de Lune” has a very healing sound. I use muscle testing, also known as kinesiology, to test on a scale of 1 to 10 the power of healing for a particular piece of music.

The instrument doesn’t matter. It is the underlying music that presents this healing quality.

Serenaded by Frogs

I’m in a concert
I’m being serenaded
I walked out
Listen to this
It’s amazing
The sounds of summer
The warm weather is here
And I am up in New Preston
I was just leaving a great event with friends and I said
Listen, listen to this
Wow you can be entertained anytime during the day by nature
You just walk out and there it is
I love the sound of the serenade
Encore, encore
There is all kinds of music out there
But the music of these peepers, frogs and nature


I love to sing
How healing
How fun
How silly
I feel great , challenged, healthy from the art of sounds I am trying to make
Giggling, understanding, figuring out all the things that go into this
Mainly it is the pure joy of doing something that lights go for it
Don’t let others stop you
I was once told not to sing
Had I listened I would never have learned to sing
I instinctively knew I enjoyed doing it
You may also know what you may love to do
You may get talked out of doing it by yourself.

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